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who want to make money from the internet. Below is a list of websites that can generate dollars for temen2. Actually there are many more sites of other sites that can bring in money from the internet, but for now it's just that I can riview, among others:
1.Weblogs, Inc..
You can use this blog as your blog or write down interesting ideas for topics you'd like. You will be paid for each post that you wrote, but there is a minimum requirement the number of posts that must be met before getting paid.
2. Pay PerPost
You will be paid up to $ 500 or equivalent to Rp. 4 million per month to write an article and a review of their sponsors on the blog you have.
3. Blogsvertise
Advertisers parties they'll pay you when you mention or discuss the website and products and their services in the blog that you have.
4. Review Me
Once your blog is accepted into their network, then you will be paid at $ 20 - 200 USD (approximately Rp. 180 000-USD. 1.8 million) perposting you wrote.
5. Smorty
You can get $ 6 - $ 100 (approximately Rp. 54 000-USD. 900 000) for tisp posts that you wrote in your blog. Amount paid for each post depends on the popularity and rank overall in your blog.
6. SponsoredReviews
You have to write a review about the advertiser's products and services on the website in your blog, and you get 35% of the wages of their transactions.
7. LoudLaunch
You must create a blog about the release of their advertisers products you are interested in, for that they will pay you monthly.
8. Blogitive
You will be paid weekly via Paypal if you post the exciting stories / interesting to them.
9. Bloggerwave
You should write about the website, product, service and corporate sponsors on yours blog
10. InBlogAds
Write about websites, products, services and corporate sponsors on your blog and get paid.
11. Blogtoprofit
You can get more than $ 250 (approximately Rp. 2.25 million) to write new posts on your blog.
12. Creative Weblogging
You'll get paid $ 225 each month by writing 70-10 posts per week in their networks
13. Wordfirm
Want to work at home and earn money? You just publish a book as a freelance writer at home and get paid.
14. 451Press
You can get 40% of all revenue generated by advertisements on your blog by writing a blog with their network.
15. Digital Journal
This blogger network will pay you for every article that you report that has news value in their blog network.
16. BlogBurner
Inquire yourself for free blog and get paid every time you write new posts. Commission on the number of clicks coming from Google AdSense on your blog governance.
17. Squidoo
You can make money by writing a blog here or choose to donate your earnings to charities.
You can also get paid by becoming the author of the article lists guidelines on the site. Compensation you get depends on the number of visits to the writing that you have created.
19. DayTipper
Get $ 3 (about Rp.27.000) for each short tips that you write and publish
20. Helium
You can get part of their advertising revenues by writing an article on the dial.
21. Dewitts Media
Get paid to write on the blog of your own property. This site requires you have at least page rank 3 to join.
22. BOTW Media
Earn money writing a blog within their network.
23. CreamAid
Earn money by submitting your blog posts in their directory.
24. BlogFeast
You can earn money from Google Adsense ads that is installed, if you use blogs in its network.
25. Mashable
Mashable hiring freelance and some staff, to offer one of the network's biggest blogging platform for bloggers.
26. ProBlogger
You can make money for each post in your blog.
27. B5Media
Not much different with ProBloggerr, you can also generate money for your blog post here.
28. Google Adsense
Google Adsense is an advertising provider of pay-per-click is the most popular. You can generate uamg between $ 0.01-$ 5.00 (approximately Rp.100-50.000) more per click ads on your site relevant
29. Text-Link-Ads
You can accept or deny the advertiser links that appear on your own site. They will pay 60% of the sales price for each text link sold on your website.
30. BlogAds
The bloggers on average generate $ 50 - $ 5,000 per month for blog advertising sales. If interested to participate in this program, you must be sponsored by people in their network.
31. LinkWorth
On this website you'll find 11 different choices to match your desired advertising needs. For example, you can choose the text-based ads or sponsored ads.
32. CrispAds
You can get access to more than 6000 advertisers in the program pay-per-click it. That way, you can choose the most appropriate advertisers your needs.
33. Chitika
They offer more than six types of advertising to be matched with your needs.
34. AzoogleAds
The good news is they deliver to advertisers the candidate of their publisher network to deliver the most beneficial solution for all parties.
35. Vibrant Media
This website offers advertising for your website with contextual text based advertising.
36. MediaFed
They put ads in RSS feeds to your blog to generate additional revenue.
37. Qumana
Ads will be embedded directly in your posts. Ads from the keywords you select and is not too popular with readers
38. PeakClick
This website is based advertising provider of pay-per-click, Austria. They provide automatic placement of advertising to the target site.
39. DoubleClick
They offer a full suite of products which you can choose and own analysis to see which one is best suited for your advertising needs.
40. Tribal Fusion
They offer reliable payments, technology, advertising services, account manager is good and up-to-date, real-time reporting, with 55% payment of advertising for you. Payment must be through the process of receiving the request for payment.
41. AdBrite
They can accept or reject ads that are selected for your site according to requirements that prompted the owner of ads. You can have the ability to sell ad space directly to the link that says "Your Ad Here" with this program.
42. ThankYouPages
This program shows ads on the basis of demographics and relevancy. The majority of traffic originating from the United States.
43. Clicksor
Advertising program with a text link text ads (highlighting the words directly in your post that created) so that can be clicked to advertising.
44. TargetPoint
This program offers pay-per-ad clicks and target contextual search.
45. IndustryBrains
You can place contextual text listings and graphics on your site.
46. BloggingAds
With this program, you can only post one-time ads on your site. Payments made through PayPal.
47. BulletAds
This program runs on the basis of an online advertising network.
48. AdsMarket
This advertising program to match your traffic to the advertiser that is by its product and service before you can post their ads on your site.
49. ROIRocket
This program helps provide specific targets for your marketing and advertising needs.
50. AdKnowledge
This program offers complete resources for the management of your advertising. In addition, you can use or a place advertising that matches your requirements ..
51. Yes Advertising
Payment comes from the active ads in your site from their sponsors. This program also offers a referral program and you will be paid 20% of their acquisition.
52. RevenuePilot
This program offers pay-per-ad systems-click and pay-per-performance for your site.
53. SearchFeed
This program provides rent money paid in the integrated search feature on your site.
You can place text ads on your site and advertisers bid for placement will be given.
55. Pheedo
You can make money with your RSS feeds with this program.
56. ValueClickMedia
You can generate revenue through banner ads, pop-ups, and rich media from this program installed on your site.
57. OneMonkey
Text based advertising program.
58. Yahoo Publisher Network
By using the internet giant, Yahoo, you can advertise that they provide a target for your situsm.
59. Q Ads
You can make money by placing ads can be placed wherever the image.
60. Amazon Associates
You can make payments up to 10% of sales price resulting from the attached link on your website by placing links to products and services on your website amazon.
61. ClickBank
More than 10,000 products that can be promoted by the commission up to 75% of sales.
62. Commission Junction
To get a sales commission, you have to promote products and services they provide.
63. LinkShare
This program is an affiliate marketing network based on the Pay-for-performance. You can put the product links in your site and generate revenue from the sale.
64. AffiliateFuel
You will become a mediator to bring publishers and advertisers together to promote their products and services.
65. LinkConnector
Affiliate network marketing programs that have no consequences for violations, so that you do business safely.
66. LeadPile
You can get the sale with the highest bid with this affiliate network
67. Forex-Affiliate
This affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn commissions from trading Forex (currency exchange) online.
68. IncentAClick
This affiliate program implements the CPA (cost-per-action), so you will be easier and faster in generating revenue in this industry affiliations.
69. AdPlosion
You can generate income from search visitors, clicks and sell the products of advertisers.
70. AffiliateFuture
Affiliate programs will also pay you to visit, conduct sales and clicks.
71. ClixGalore
7500 affiliate network that has more advertiser which you can choose.
72. ThinkAction
Network affiliates who claim to have the best pay and the possibility to generate $ 100,000 (about Rp.900.000.000 month)
73. RocketProfit
Affiliate Network program like the others, from this program you get a dollar payment by check when your commission reaches $ 25
74. CafePress
You can generate commissions by selling merchandise specific brands.
You can make money selling popular computer software through your site.
Social site with revenue sharing program. This site will pay you if you invite your friends and generate traffic.
77. Jyve
You'll get paid for answers, advice and support you provide to those in need of assistance on its website.
78. Cruxy
This site specializes in social video, but you can sell digitalmu media are also here to earn revenue.
You will be paid if the gave you advice and answers to those questions, on subjects of interest for you and andapilih own.
80th. Ether
You will earn money by answering questions online via phone line. You can adjust the ratio of availability and call him.
81. UpBlogger
These social networking sites will pay based on number of visits you received on the content that you upload on the site.
82. JustAnswer
You can help others to solve their problems and can make money with the knowledge that you have.
83. MetaCafe
Upload some videos and you can make money based on the number of video views
84. Chacha
You'll get paid if you provide assistance to community members of her site.
85. AssociatedContent
You can make money by uploading videos, text, audio and images belong to you to their sites. Earned income will be measured based on the amount you have uploaded content.
86. myLot
You'll get paid for posting, menkomentari and use their social networks.
87. KnowBrainers
Sites that will pay you when participating in the community and answer questions.
88. Google User Research
https: / /
Google pays you to participate in their online research studies.
89. Microsoft Research Panel
You will be paid by Microsoft to provide feedback on its products.
90. Amazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon pays you to solve small problems that they can not understand. Payments are only a few cents.
91. eJury
You can generate $ 5 - $ 10 to each person who pretends to be a jury member as an exercise experiment.
92. WorkingSOL
This company will pay you to handle technical assistance for various large companies. You can work from home with your computer or by telephone during the hours that you set yourself.
93. Appingo
The company is always looking for experienced editors and readers to pay bona fide.
94. IntelliShop
95. Mahalo Greenhouse
They will pay you between $ 10 - $ 15 for each site you submit to their directory.
96. Focus Pointe Global.
You'll get paid to follow the group of opinion and expression, are available for adolescents and adults.
97. Agloco
Download their toolbar and earn money by surfing the internet.
98. Arise
You can earn money by providing assistance via phone, web and email and also helped sales for 40 more companies in their network.
99. CraZoo
You can make money by starting a new topic and post on their online forum.
You'll get paid to teach people online.
You can make money by posting in the forum.
102. Share-A-Pic
By uploading and sharing photos that you have, you can make money on their websites.
103. OpuzzVoice
You can make money by giving opinions to their clients online.
104. SlashMySearch
You can make money by using their search engines.

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