liberty reserve is an account as a virtual online payment tool that can we make free with no fees charged at all, unless klo we've engaged in transactions will be subject to fees or costs that do not already have transaksi.untuk temen2 cara2nya below can know a good free secured to support online business , to the list can simply CLICK HERE

* Wait for the perfect open website
* Then click "create account" on the website of the page
* Fill dikolom data2 you like; First Name, Last Name and Address emailmu (optional 2 X for confirmation).
* Fill in the password for accountmu (2X) - who use a unique password so that other people do not easily predictable. Password length must be at least six characters long and a combination of letters and numbers.
* Fill in the Login Pin (2X) - must be 5 character numeric.
* Fill in the Master Key (2X) - must be 3 characters number (used when looking for the transfer of funds).
* Select Security Question or secret question - used to confirm the truth of Liberty Reserve account owner.
* Enter Secret Answer to the Question.
* Fill in the Personal Welcome Message - welcome greeting when we logged into the account of Liberty, point to ensure that we sdh enter in a web of Liberty's mouth.
* Fill in the figures (turing number) shown in the box in the column below it.
* Then click the Agree button.
* Data2 that you enter will be sent by LR TSB into which you input the email earlier. Immediately save baik2 do not lose.

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