Sunday, June 6, 2010

Set aside 1-2 hours to build additional revenue is wise to anticipate future financial needs when we are no longer able to work optimally. There are various ways we raise revenue. To get additional income, the road some people is to compete to get higher positions in the company. But not all successful because the competition is very tight. Overtime will increase our income, but until when I can stop doing that? For people who work as laborers or employees,
in increasing income, generally by way of extending working hours or taking
ration of overtime. By working overtime, we will have to cover any additional wages
all the needs of current and savings for old age nantinya.Namun we need to realize that our time is limited. It is not possible when we work membarterkan time and effort with money
24 hours a day during full When daily salary system, you have to work a day. If the monthly salary system, you must work sebulan.Bila monthly salary system and you are only able to work a half months (pain, for example), your salary would be cut off (you should be grateful because it is still not diPHK tetapdigaji). This is the system that made us go in a circle of barter. Where we have to membarterkan our time and energy and money. There must be solutions. There should be more baikdimana system we do not forever membarterkan energy and time to find income.Saatnya find a system that I appreciate the hard work. The best solution is high time we find a sustainable income or often called passive income. Where we do not always have to membarterkan energy and time and money. The result of the efforts we can achieve a sense of passive income and earn even though we were sleeping, sick, traveling, or something else. Because passive income work for us during this penuh.Saat 24 hours a day, when you read this, you need to do is to determine the system and then build the system so that future passive income that can be longing we feel. For that, we do not need to leave the main job now, simply by setting aside time approximately 1-2 hours after work to passive income that we desire to happen.

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